Stick Figure Animation + Cut-Out Style Animation + Stop-Motion Animation

StickMotion combines stick
figure, cut-out-style and
stop-motion animation into
a single, powerful, but easy
to use animation App for both
beginners and experienced
animators alike.
Frame-by-frame cut-out-style animations
Stop-motion animations (iPad camera required)
Stick figure animations
Animations over existing video
Or any combination of the above!

Created using StickMotion 1.6 - 3D anaglyph glasses are required to view this video correctly
The Figure Editor
Choose from the selection of figures included with StickMotion or create your own. Using the integrated figure editor you can create everything from simple stick figures right through to complex character rigs using your own images.

Create your own figures of unlimited complexity #
Add mouths to your figures for automatic lip synching
Choose from a selection of included images or
  use your own images in your figures
Rotate, flip and adjust the pivot point of images
Adjust the order of the layers in your figures
Load, save and share stick figures *
Import figures from Pivot (version 2)
Zoom in on stick figures for precise editing
Quickly test your figures from within the editor

The Animator
Create stunning stick figure, cut-out-style or stop-motion animations. In StickMotion Animation you can even combine all 3 to produce some really amazing results. StickMotion includes many professional features that you'd normally only find in top-end animation packages, such as automatic lip-synching. Record some speech and StickMotion will analyse the sound to produce realistic looking mouth movements for you - this is much more than opening and closing mouths with volume changes!

Create animations of unlimited length and complexity #
Add, delete and copy frames
Choose background images from your iPad's library or
  shoot background images using your iPad's camera ^
Move, pose, rotate, scale and flip figures
Swap images/mouths in and out of your figures as you animate
Adjust the colour and opacity of figures
Produce dramatic effects with tinting and blending options
Zoom in for precise editing
Zoom and pan a virtual camera to set up scenes
Copy and paste figures, backgrounds, frames and camera settings
Choose from a selection of included sound effects,
  import sounds from other Apps* and music from your library or
  record your own sounds
Automatic lip synching - record speech and have mouths animated for you!
Use onion-skins to see the differences between frames
See an instant preview of your animations and
  see previews whilst scrubbing
Import video as a series of background images
Quickly import images as figures
The Stop-Motion Editor
StickMotion animation includes an integrated stop-motion editor. Use your iPad's camera to animate objects or simply shoot background images for use with your stick figure or cut-out-style animations.

Combine stick figure animation with stop-motion animation^
Use your iPad's camera to shoot stop-motion frames ^
Use onion-skins to see the differences between frames ^
See an instant preview of your animations ^

StickMotion can produce full high definition video (1920x1080) at 60 frames per second from Retina devices (non-Retina devices can produce resolutions up to 1024x576). Through a process called 'tweening' StickMotion can also automatically add intermediate frames into your animations i.e. between those that you create. This can dramatically improve the smoothness of your animations.

StickMotion can also produce anaglyph (red/blue) and side-by-side 3D video or images as well - so add some extra depth to your animations!

Please note, however, that StickMotion is 2D animation software - the 3D export options may be used to add depth to your animations but your figures will still remain flat.

Export video or a sequence of images
Choose a frame rate between 1 and 60 fps and
  resolutions up to 1920x1080 from Retina devices or
  1024x576 from non-Retina devices
Add tweens for super smooth results
Select a range of frames to export
Export in anaglyph (red/blue) or
  side-by-side 3D formats

See tweening in action
And much, much more...
StickMotion offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating stunning animations on your iPad. And we're only just getting started - more great features are planned for future releases!!

StickMotion 2.0 is available
on the App Store now with
loads of improvements and
a bunch of new features!

It also includes new
figures, mouths, sounds
and a brand new help system
to get you started!

# Figure and animation complexity will be constrained by the amount of memory and storage space.
^ Features that require a camera are not available on the original iPad.
* Apps must support the 'Open in..' feature. Figures may be shared using Mail.
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